As customers always ask for advanced features and functionalities with quick turnaround time, industry is pushing for superior quality and cost benefits from product manufacturers. This user genuine demand has pushed to create the completely new engineering service ie. Product engineering service, which is dedicated to launching products faster into the market.

Product engineering service can be defined as an engineering consulting activity, which uses various hardware, embedded, software and IT services solution for the designing and development of products.

Product Engineering has various phases from inception phase to the sustenance phase that all comes in lifecycle of a product. The following are the phases of Product development:

Concept (conceiving the idea): This stage is the initial one that involves understanding and going through the idea, its documentation in terms of the specifications as well as the requirements asked by the client. . Then we will be weighing or evaluating whether or not the concept is worth pursuing or not.

Design: Once we are completely sure of what we have to engineer, we move on to the next phase of the lifecycle that is designing. Designing takes into consideration the theme and the user experience that the product has to deliver. We carefully get the designs finalized before moving on with the further steps of the process.

Development: Development is the process where we give a form to the product. We first evaluate the technology and then proceed further to make sure that whatever we are planning is exactly what we get.

Testing: A development can always be questioned in regards to its quality and so we make sure that we make it go through a stringent quality assurance test so that we ourselves are confident of what we deliver to you an further to the market.

Release: After all these phases we move on to the market release. We are open for any suggestions and reviews after that as well and will not leave unturned to provide you with the best product.

Continuous upkeep and maintenance must be provided to the product until it arrives at the finishing stage of the lifecycle and is supplanted by another item or variation.

Sustenance/Re-engineering: After the launch of the product in the market, the performance of the product to be monitored and teething troubles are to rectified with regular improving the design of the product. 

A regular support system needs to form to study the performance of the product. This support system should encourage the users to projects their grievances about the product performance through all digital communication channels. Addressing and using consumer feedback in design improvement will definitely the life span of product.

Re-engineering is an important part of designing process here the product should have the flexibility of redesigning to meet the future change in demand of customers.  This flexibility of reengineering the product with minimum cost, time and efforts helps to cater the customer needs; additionally it also allows the products performance to evolve.